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For everyone who would like to become a DJ, this live and interactive online course will teach you how to use the Pioneer software Rekordbox and DDJ series controller, one of the best in the industry. Starting from the basics, so you don’t need to have any previous knowledge or experience.

Take your first steps to perform live.


  • Fundamentals of DJing
  • Understanding music genres
  • Song Structure
  • Introduction to Rekordbox
  • Introduction to Pioneer DDJ Series
  • Beat concept & counting
  • Cables, Connections, Signal Flow & Integration
  • Configuring the best sound
  • Maintenance, technical tips and troubleshooting
  • Understanding a DJ console
  • Console setup
  • Song library management
  • Set building
  • Cueing up tracks
  • Sound & levels
  • Understanding Equalizers
  • Monitoring & headphone levels
  • Panning
  • Level matching
  • Implementing & improving workflow
  • Beat Matching & tempo manipulation
  • Cuts & volume control
  • Pioneer Rekordbox
  • Mixing techniques on Pioneer DDJ & Rekordbox
  • Understanding song structure – Intro, Breakdown, Interlude, Drop, Buildup, Outro, etc.
  • Beats & Bar Mixing
  • Pitch shifting & phrasing
  • Cue points and looping
  • Using the jog
  •  Digital FX
  • Understanding Harmonic mixing
  • Understanding Notes & Scales – Major/Minor, Relative & Parallel Major/ Minor  
  • Keying songs on Pioneer Rekordbox
  • Camelot concept
  • How to market & promote yourself as an artist
  • The first demo mixtape
  • Ethics of DJing
  • Preparing the first gig


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Learn from the best talent the music industry has to offer from across the world as they share the music industry’s secrets. Passionate about passing their versatile musical skills and industry knowledge on to the next generation of music makers, they all bring a holistic approach to nurture the enthusiasts of Pro Sonic.

Amrit Kishan

Amrit Kishan

(Chennai, Goa)

Record Producer & Performer

Kibshan Abith

Kibshan Abith


Record Producer & Performer


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